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Revolutionize your brand’s consumer engagement.

Initiate and grow your brand’s in-store engagement with consumers — instantly and dynamically — via their personal mobile devices. With iZipline’s NFC-based solutions, your in-store media or product packaging comes alive, driving interactive mobile content right to the consumer’s smartphone without an app, and even without an internet connection. Best of all, the results are measurable.

Z-CircleOffering the first and only solution that synchronizes digital media with mobile marketing content – with or without an internet connection.

Z-CircleExclusive Near Field Communication (NFC) provider to the pouch packaging industry.

Z-CircleProprietary technologies driven by a robust, cloud-based platform that is scalable and easy to use.

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iZipline solutions for the marketplace


Consumer Engagement

A system that enables instant, dynamic interaction between NFC-tagged digital signage and consumers’ mobile devices.

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Consumer Product Packaging

Make every package smart with PackageTagz , a patent-pending technology for applying Near Field Communication to packaging.

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Personal Medical Information

When seconds count, the VieTagz bracelet provides instant patient information to first-responders in an emergency.

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Automotive Sales

NFC innovation applied to shopping for a car – the next generation in connecting auto manufacturers and dealers with their customers.

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Build your custom NFC marketing tool.

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NFC and QR Management

iZipline makes managing your QR codes and NFC tags easy and rewarding. Easily track the progress of your QR and NFC campaigns with iZipline’s cloud-based platform.


Mobile Page Builder

If you don’t already have a responsive website for your business, no worries! We make it very easy to create mobile landing pages that integrate seamlessly into your current site.



Learn who visits your mobile pages, how often, which pages are performing the best and which models you should focus most of your time and energy on. Pro-analytics for bottom line growth.

Powerful Analytics

The iZipline cloud-based platform is a strong and secure brand delivery system. The robust reporting and analytics provide consumer tap/scan information at the click of a mouse. Brand managers and marketing professionals gain real-time information on brand/marketing acceptance. Message delivery is multilingual, social media rich and consumer incentive enabled. And it’s all measured by the iZipline Analyticz system. iZipline delivers a client-focused view across all your websites and apps on mobile and desktop, identifying changes with precision. All data is available through comprehensive online tools with the ability to export. Analyze your data in real-time, segmented just how you need it.


The iZipline platform is a subscription-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Subscribers place media-rich, brand information onto the iZipline cloud-based platform tethered to coded tag located at a consumer-facing endpoint. An endpoint may be any product/packaging at point of sale. Brand information is zipped from the platform to the endpoint tag via a lightning-fast tether. The consumer, upon tapping or scanning, experiences powerful, influential information at time of purchase. The tag embedded in the product/package, leaves the retail store with the consumer, allowing brands to continue to deliver brand messaging long after the sale. iZipline’s platform also includes secure authentication for each tap or scan to eliminate counterfeiting and enhance consumer engagement.


NFC stands for Near Field Communication (NFC). Simply put, Near Field Communication technology promises new levels of convenience for users of mobile devices. With the widespread adoption of smart devices across the global communications marketplace, powerful, easy-to-use computing is now ubiquitous.

Consumers now expect that a single device can be used to access a suite of converged services that use the mobile network for communications, entertainment and increasingly, commerce. With Near Field Communication (NFC), the same mobile device becomes a platform for new applications that will massively enhance the total consumer experience using smart phones and related portable information devices.

For example, consumers with NFC phones can tap similarly equipped devices to exchange contact information, experience brand communications, music or other files. NFC can be used to communicate with “smart tags” that may appear on multiple products and services. And it can even be used to make purchases in stores just by tapping your phone.

Established as an international standard (ISO/IEC 18092) NFC uses the principle of magnetic induction coupling to create a 13.56 MHz radio signal when two devices are within very close range (up to 10 cm/4 in.) of each other. This close proximity underlies the description of NFC as a “tap and use” technology.

In effect, users touch (iZipline) an NFC device to a compatible reader or other NFC equipped passive or active device to create the link (Zipline). NFC is “native” to the smart devices, meaning it does not require an App or program to read a tag.

iZipline is a company focused on the use and application of NFC Technology to seamlessly deliver rich brand information to a consumer’s mobile device. iZipline provides an experience where information zips from our cloud-based platform to the consumer’s mobile device quickly and on-demand trigger by an NFC touch or QR scanned tag event. iZipline delivers a consistent brand message directly to the consumer for maximum influence at time of purchase.



iZipline™ is a leader in developing the “Internet of Things,” collaborating with other technology entrepreneurs around the globe to enhance the lives of people everywhere. An innovator of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for global brands, iZipline is a pioneer in adapting NFC to in-store digital signage and consumer products for instant, dynamic and long-lasting engagement with consumers via their mobile devices.

iZipline was founded in June 2012 to provide NFC solutions to large-scale, consumer-facing brands and industries to harness the power of the mobile consumer megatrend. Globally, there were an estimated 500 million NFC-enabled mobile phones in March 2014, a figure expected to grow to 2.1 billion by 2017 (Berg Insight). The projected spend on mobile marketing for 2014 is $18 billion, a number that is forecast to more than double by 2017 (Gartner). The product packaging industry is likewise on a growth trajectory with a projected compound annual growth rate of more than 4 percent worldwide from $58.3 billion in 2011 to $71.3 billion in 2016 (IMS Research).

To capitalize on these opportunities, iZipline has assembled a team of talented professionals in complementary fields. All share a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to accelerating iZipline’s products and services into the global marketplace.

Michelle Moulin

Michelle Moulin


Michelle is co-founder, Managing Partner iZipline®. Michelle has 25 years of Business Development, Technology and Marketing experience. Her passion for iZipline® is grounded in a love for entrepreneurism and her pursuit to bring quality of life through the use of technology.

Troy Pittman

Troy Pittman


Troy is co-founder, Managing Partner for iZipline®. Troy is grounded, with an expansive vision for the company’s future while managing the day to day logistics and, Troy is involved in every aspect, from design to deliverables.

Ken Chapman

Ken Chapman

Corporate Council

Ken Chapman received his Bachelors degree in Finance from Florida State University, his Juris Doctorate degree from Cumberland School of Law and has been a licensed Florida attorney since 1990.

Dan Miller

Dan Miller

Strategic Advisor

Dan Miller has helped scores of entrepreneurs’ to start-up, organize, systemize, grow and exit their businesses.  He has become well known as a speaker and an expert on using technology and people to make companies more efficient and competitive.

Shelby Dunbar

Shelby Dunbar

Project Manager

Shelby works as iZipline’s Project Manager, managing every aspect of each client account including constant communications with the client, organizing and overseeing timelines and internal to-dos, and managing operational processes within the organization.

Robert Holzler

Robert Holzler

Platform Engineer

As the primary Platform Engineer for iZipline, Robert manages all aspects of iZipline’s platform development. Additionally, Robert develops custom graphics, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript solutions required to support project goals.

Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith

Communications Strategist

Heidi Smith is a veteran communications strategist delivering factual, compelling stories for a wide range of enterprises, including technology startups, second-stage growth companies and established brands.

Keoki Trask

Keoki Trask

Product Development Manager

With an extensive background in Fortune 500 product design, manufacturing and branding, Keoki is a passionate consumer advocate who approaches each new iZipline® innovation with a vision for engineering product perfection.

Larry Martin

Larry Martin

RFID/NFC Specialist

Larry is an RFID/NFC industry pioneer.  Starting in 1999, he helped develop RFID readers for the packaging and logistics industries, and integrated RFID into many types of machines used by those industries. He now specializes in RFID/NFC manufacturing processes.


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