When NFC first emerged, the main focus was on mobile payments. Although Google and other large, high-volume companies around the world have jumped on board, mobile payments using NFC haven’t evolved as quickly as expected. However, NFC enthusiasts have found that NFC can prove to be just as valuable for the auto industry. Below are the top three innovations for NFC in the auto industry.

Car dealership sales and inventory

Car dealerships can use NFC stickers to help customers get details about vehicles for sale. Potential buyers can tap their smartphone or tablet to an NFC sticker attached to the car and the buyer is instantly directed to sales information, car features, or promotional videos. Dealerships can also use this system for inventory.

Hands free NFC Hotspot

In the near future, an NFC hotspot will be available in cars allowing drivers to have access to all their phones functionality while driving a car. It will be as simple as placing an NFC enabled phone in a designated compartment allowing apps, texts messages, contacts and more to be transferred to a display in your vehicle. Both BMW and Hyundai have prototypes that are expected to release in 2015.

Car Keys of the Future

BMW has had innovations around an NFC enabled car key to allow you not only to open your car but to store vehicle information, make payments at tolls and/or public transits, ticketless entry , and entry access to hotel rooms, your home, and more.

“A key is the perfect medium for storing sensitive data. And if you should lose it, all functions can be disabled by a single phone call.” – Thomas Kratz, Development Access and Authentication Systems, BMW Group