The war continues on between Apple iOS and Google’s Android as they both continue to fight for market share.  According to comScore, in January, Android lead in market share at 52.3% while Apples iOS trailed at 37.8%. However, these numbers showed a loss for Android and a gain for Apple from October 2012.

The scale continues to sway as each OS is fighting to come out on top. So what are the key factors that are going to send one operating system soaring?

Consumer Loyalty

Loyalty is key! It’s important for consumers to feel like they can trust a brand and once they do they will stay loyal to it. Both OS appear to have quite the following, but who has more? Who will stick with their product no matter what? According to a 12 month study by Yankee Group, 91% of iPhone users plan to buy an iPhone for their next smartphone, while just 76% of Android users plan to stick with Android. The 34% of users that switch from Android to another smartphone aren’t enough to send Android plummeting, but it does show that Apple has much more brand loyalty.

Innovative Features

Both Operating systems offer some great features. And it’s no secret that they both “borrow” features from each other to improve their products. But which OS is more innovative? From a mobile perspective, Android is leading the path with NFC enabled devices. Many of their devices are NFC enabled and have been for over a year, while Apple has yet to release any products with NFC.  Many Apple fans had high hopes for an NFC capable iPhone5 but were disappointed when it was released last September with no such luck.

So the battle of the two most prominent operating systems continues on. And as one seems to move forward, the other comes up from behind and takes the lead. Which OS will manage to win over their consumers with brand loyalty while also forging the way with innovation?