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Apple’s Impact on NFC Startups

iZipline’s Michelle Moulin Shares Insights in a Podcast by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge

Apple’s announcement this month that the iPhone would support NFC was highly anticipated by startups looking to leverage the company’s huge marketing power to drive home the message that NFC was now ready for prime time. iZipline, a sponsor of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, is one of those startups. Read More

BLE vs NFC: The Basics

As payment technology rapidly improves, the battle between Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) rages on. Surprisingly, BLE has been around for almost 10 years, whereas NFC is a much newer technology for mobile media marketing. Both wireless innovations have advantages and many current applications. Read More

Infographic: The Unstoppable Rise of NFC

Near field communication has been on the rise for years now and continues to grow in awareness and popularity. Also, the technology is continuing to evolve and is making our smartphones even smarter. It is predicted that by 2017, $13 trillion is the total value of NFC mobile payments. Take a look at this infographic that explains NFC`s potential growth in the next few years.


Advantages to Pull Marketing in Your Mobile Strategy

Fierce marketplace competition causes many businesses to struggle in acquiring new customers. Start-ups, and even well-established companies, that seek to expand often fail to rise to this challenge. One mobile media strategy that can help turn the tide is pull marketing, which can greatly assist with market penetration of a new product. The advent and explosive growth of smartphones opens the door to many modern tactics to enable powerful pull marketing. Read More

Push vs Pull Mobile Marketing: Different tactics for different goals

As the popularity of the smartphone has grown exponentially over the past several years, businesses have supported the mobile revolution and begun connecting with the on-the-go consumer. Recent statistics reveal that global smartphone usage has outpaced personal computers. This trend is expected to continue, presenting an incredible opportunity for companies to use mobvertising (mobile advertising) and technology to engage customers through innovative means. Read More

Instant Consumer Engagement Is Here

Instant consumer engagement – is it myth or reality? NFC technology makes it real today.

Here is how NFC (Near Field Communication) technology works: a device sends communication using radio waves. Two devices have to touch or be near each other to pass communication. It’s not new technology. In fact, it has been in use by shipping companies and others since 2003. Read More

Five Reasons Why NFC Is So Powerful

The concept of transferring data wirelessly between two points is not new. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been accomplishing this feat for years. Surprisingly, the idea of a contactless payment system has been previously presented but did not successfully land. However, with the introduction of Near Field Communications (NFC), the popularity of contactless payments is growing rapidly. Read More

iPhone vs Android: What’s the Difference?

Historically, Apple’s iPhone OS has dominated the smartphone marketplace. However, over the past several releases, Google’s Android OS has produced many amazing phones that have been at least comparable, if not better than, the iPhone. Both platforms have many characteristics in common. For one, they are Linux-based operating systems (OS) for smartphones that have been developed by two companies that are well-known for their technological accomplishments. However, there are drastic differences that make each platform unique. Read More