The question on all marketers’ minds is how can we make consumers engage further with our brand? By utilizing NFC technology, brands can now “trigger” interactions with consumers from the moment an NFC tag is scanned. The product can be linked to coupons, loyalty programs, promotional videos and more.

Watch this quick demo, to better understand the value of NFC for consumer engagement:

NFC creates a rich user experience for the consumer because it is interactive and available through the platform of the consumer’s choice. Phones and others devices are coming equipped with NFC so no app is necessary to trigger an action for a brand or product.

This technology has been used in other parts of the world for over five years.  In the last couple years, the US has begun to realize the impact of NFC and how it can make a huge impact on the way brands can interact with consumers and how consumers can have a more interactive experience with the brands they love.