Continuing its rapid innovation of Near Field Communication (NFC) applications for consumer engagement via mobile, iZipline has created MediaTagz, a system that enables instant, dynamic interaction between NFC-tagged digital signage and consumers’ mobile devices.

Imagine watching a video on a screen in a store, restaurant or airport. As the video plays, a call to action appears to tap a panel – or even a restaurant’s printed menu – to learn more or buy the product. By tapping with your NFC-enabled mobile device as the video plays, relevant content appears instantly on your smartphone. As a new video for a different product appears, tap again to receive different content on your mobile. As you stroll away from the screen, you take the content with you, beginning your consumer relationship with the brands whose products were displayed.

This dynamic mobile marketing experience is driven by iZipline’s MediaTagz innovation, which synchs the digital media player with iZipline’s cloud-based, mobile content platform. As the player changes videos, iZipline’s platform changes the content that arrives on the mobile device via an NFC tag. The tag is placed within reach of the consumer, such as behind a store display or in a restaurant’s printed menu.

The content you deliver can be as simple as a coupon, or as sophisticated as a social opt-in to earn a discount, or to download an app or game. iZipline’s platform generates powerful analytics for you to track consumer engagement long after the initial connection is made. iZipLine provides rich analytics that allow you to measure effectiveness of various ad campaigns and calls-to-action. Now you can bring Internet measurability to in-store, physical-world advertising activities.

The MediaTagz system is easy to integrate with existing digital signage. For businesses that are new to digital signage, iZipline’s equipment partners can help you design the right experience to achieve your goals. Because iZipline’s platform is easy to navigate, the learning curve for brand managers is rapid, generating valuable analytics as soon as the campaign is launched.

iZipline’s MediaTagz delivers the quick, seamless mechanism to inform, engage and activate your customers.