NFC and QR Management

iZipline makes managing your QR codes and NFC tags easy and rewarding. Easily track the progress of your QR and NFC campaigns with iZipline’s cloud-based platform.


Mobile Page Builder

If you don’t already have a responsive website for your business, no worries! We make it very easy to create mobile landing pages that integrate seamlessly into your current site.



Learn who visits your mobile pages, how often, which pages are performing the best and which models you should focus most of your time and energy on. Pro-analytics for bottom line growth.

Powerful Analytics

The iZipline cloud-based platform is a strong and secure brand delivery system. The robust reporting and analytics provide consumer tap/scan information at the click of a mouse. Brand managers and marketing professionals gain real-time information on brand/marketing acceptance. Message delivery is multilingual, social media rich and consumer incentive enabled. And it’s all measured by the iZipline Analyticz system. iZipline delivers a client-focused view across all your websites and apps on mobile and desktop, identifying changes with precision. All data is available through comprehensive online tools with the ability to export. Analyze your data in real-time, segmented just how you need it.


The iZipline platform is a subscription-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Subscribers place media-rich, brand information onto the iZipline cloud-based platform tethered to coded tag located at a consumer-facing endpoint. An endpoint may be any product/packaging at point of sale. Brand information is zipped from the platform to the endpoint tag via a lightning-fast tether. The consumer, upon tapping or scanning, experiences powerful, influential information at time of purchase. The tag embedded in the product/package, leaves the retail store with the consumer, allowing brands to continue to deliver brand messaging long after the sale. iZipline’s platform also includes secure authentication for each tap or scan to eliminate counterfeiting and enhance consumer engagement.