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Real Digital Media Integrates NEOCAST® Digital Signage Platform with the iZipline MediaTagzTM Near Field Communication (NFC) System

SARASOTA, FL – September 4th, 2014 – Real Digital Media, provider of the enterprise class NEOCAST® digital signage platform, and iZipline, LLC, provider of the MediaTagzTM cloud-based, mobile content system, today announced that digital signage network operators using NEOCAST® are now able to synchronize on-screen content with brand marketing content to drive instant, dynamic interaction with consumers via their NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Consumers viewing digital signage content simply tap a nearby NFC tag with their phone to engage the on-screen call to action. Marketers can use this integration to drive consumers to learn more about a product, download a coupon or application, conduct a purchase, sign up for a loyalty program and more. As the on-screen content changes, so does the mobile destination, as one physical NFC tag can be used to drive unique digital signage to mobile interactive experiences. All of this is achieved through the integration between NEOCAST® and MediaTagz™.

Ken Goldberg, CEO of Real Digital Media, states, “This integration is important to Real Digital Media and our customers because it builds a bridge between digital signage and the active engagement that mobile technologies offer. When digital signage is combined with mobile technologies, the network footprint grows substantially, and marketers can more effectively use digital signage to entice, engage and measure the effectiveness of their content strategies.”

Michelle Moulin, iZipline CEO, continues, “With NFC integration through MediaTagz™, digital signage networks can serve as a vehicle to enable consumers to perform transactions or take actionable content with them beyond the network venue and help marketers establish message persistence across screens. In addition, the iZipline platform generates robust analytics to let brand managers track consumer engagement and measure campaign effectiveness.”

The integrated NFC service offering is available for current and future NEOCAST® customers immediately upon a signed agreement with iZipline.

About Real Digital Media
Real Digital Media is the provider of NEOCAST®, an enterprise-level digital signage platform for managing the efficient distribution of place-based targeted messages and branded experiences across networked displays. Designed intelligently to scale with the growing demands of the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry, NEOCAST® is a standards-based platform that offers certainty to marketing and advertising professionals seeking a viable long-term solution to meet the current and future demands of their digital signage deployments.

NEOCAST® has been used to establish point-of-decision marketing, promotions and corporate communication networks across the retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors.

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HID Trusted Tag Services Enable iZipline’s “Internet of Things” Platform to Deliver Secure Mobile Consumer Engagement

AUSTIN, TX -August 13, 2014- HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced that iZipline™ will integrate HID Trusted Tag Services™ into its cloud-based software platform that enables mobile consumer engagement via Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Initially, trusted tags will be used for authentication of PackageTagz™, iZipline’s patent-pending technology for pouch packaging that provides instant engagement between brands and consumers’ mobile devices for product recall, track and trace, brand protection, mobile marketing and related analytics.

“Selecting HID Global as a partner to provide secure connections for our NFC-enabled consumer engagement platform is consistent with our commitment to delivering the highest quality NFC solutions to global brands,” said Michelle Moulin, iZipline’s chief executive officer. “We are excited to launch this partnership as iZipline continues to innovate as a leader in developing the ‘Internet of Things’.”

HID Trusted Tag Services feature trusted tags with unique security and privacy attributes which make each tap unclonable. When integrated into iZipline’s platform, this enables global brands to authenticate each product’s package, protecting both a company’s brand and consumers from counterfeit goods while also delivering chain-of-custody benefits. Trusted tags also provide iZipline with secure connections for instant delivery of relevant and timely product content to consumers via their mobile device.

“Success in the IoT environment requires transparent, frictionless authentication that enables brands and consumers to connect on an immediate and personal level,” said Marc Bielmann, vice president of Identification Technologies with HID Global. “We are pleased that our HID Trusted Tag Services enable iZipline to engage and protect brands and consumers by leveraging the security and convenience that trusted tags bring to packaging and mobile interactions.”

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About iZipline™
iZipline™ is a leader in developing the “Internet of Things,” collaborating with other technology entrepreneurs around the globe to enhance the lives of people everywhere. An innovator of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for global brands, iZipline is a pioneer in adapting NFC to in-store digital signage and consumer products for instant, dynamic and long-lasting engagement with consumers via their mobile devices. Learn more at


iZipline Prototype is World’s First NFC Medical Bracelet

August 2012 - iZipline LLC has created a prototype for the world’s first medical information bracelet to employ Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The VieTagz bracelet provides instant patient information to first-responders in an emergency. The wearer uses iZipline’s secure software platform to manage personal health information such as name, age, blood type, known allergies, medications and special medical conditions. With NFC technology, the first-responder merely taps the bracelet with a mobile device to instantly see the patient’s information.

Unlike QR codes, which require an application to be downloaded and launched for communication to occur, NFC is native for most mobile devices, including phones and tablets. iZipline is currently exploring opportunities with potential partners to bring the VieTagz product to market.

About iZipline LLC
iZipline innovates Near Field Communication (NFC) for global brands. We are leaders in applying NFC to consumer products for manufacturers and brand managers. iZipline’s proprietary NFC technology provides instant engagement between brands and the consumer’s mobile device for product recall, track and trace, brand protection, mobile marketing, and related analytics. The company is based in Sarasota, Fla.