Instant consumer engagement – is it myth or reality? NFC technology makes it real today.

Here is how NFC (Near Field Communication) technology works: a device sends communication using radio waves. Two devices have to touch or be near each other to pass communication. It’s not new technology. In fact, it has been in use by shipping companies and others since 2003.

NFC is shaping the future of mobile commerce. It is convenient to process a sale on the spot anywhere, anytime. Consumers like it because it’s simple. When the buyer touches a device at a point-of-sale with his or her mobile device – the data is delivered and the sale is made. The concept is simple to understand. Users do not have technical problems while making payments using NFC-enabled devices.

NFC-enabled devices help retailers that have loyalty programs. There is a very good chance that you have at least one loyalty card in your wallet. Are paper loyalty cards practical? Not really. We forget about them and eventually throw them out. But nobody will throw out a phone. The modern digital loyalty card will reside in the phone – ready to present at a store or restaurant to get a financial reward. Everybody wins – consumers and business owners.
Let’s not forget about mobile coupons. Why not send digital code to a buyer and bring him to the store? Mobile coupons are great for retailers and restaurant owners. They offer the same benefits as paper coupons, but are easier for consumers to carry with them, and they eliminate the need for printing and mailing costs.

Mobile ticketing is hassle-free. A paper ticket can be lost, but a digital ticket cannot. Aviation companies know that it is profitable to sell tickets by mobile devices. Digital ticketing is more convenient for customers and eliminates the cost of printing and distributing paper tickets.

A traditionally printed company brochure can have a new life in digital form. It can come alive and start singing and dancing. It’s not a fantasy. We are talking about using videos and audio clips in all marketing materials.
NFC can improve inventory tracking. There are cost effective hand-held devices that do a good job tracking sold, moved or purchased assets.

The huge NFC advantage is in data analytics. For example, iZipLine’s platform allows brand managers to measure effectiveness of calls to action. Read the analytics report and see if the campaign produces the desired result.
NFC adoption is spreading across the globe. Devices that already carry NFC technology include Android phones, BlackBerrys, Windows phones, tablets, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant). Rumors persist that Apple’s iPhone 6 will be NFC-equipped.

Given the benefits and rapid adoption of NFC for mobile consumer engagement, when should you start using NFC technology in your business? Today.