Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki recently struck a chord with a very surprising remark that “real men use Android.”

Kawasaki was a relentless promoter of Apple products whose work back in the 80s helped to create the “cult-like” following of the Apple brand today. In the world of Apple fan’s, there is no greater enemy than Google’s Android operating system.

Regardless of the past, Kawasaki is now a diehard Android fan. What he likes most about his Samsung Galazy S3? Support for NFC (near field communication) was a biggie as well as the ability to see apps in alphabetical order, true multitasking and no need for proprietary cables.

Kawasaki is not getting paid to use Android or promote Android in the press – he simply likes it more. While Apple fans might sneer at Kawasaki’s remarks, 75% of smartphone buyers agree with him that Android is the best OS to date.

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