Product recalls are a pitfall many manufacturers will face at some point. Compliance with regulations, informing the customer of potential risks, identifying batch numbers, and suggesting alternatives are all problematic parts of the process that require time and money. iZipline’s SmartTagz system is a great way to address all of these concerns while also opening up valuable advertising channels that create a direct line from your business to your customers. But are recalls really a concern for your business? If they are, how can iZipline help you during this troubling situation?

Are product recalls really a problem in my business?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission the answer is a resounding “yes”! The United States was second only to China in the number of recalls issued in 2013. While products for home-use were at the top of the list, anything from child health care to sports goods were offenders. Food producers know how easy it is for bacterial contamination to occur even when proper handling guidelines are followed. The issue is clear, recalls are a part of manufacturing that you need to take seriously in order to maintain the good image and profitability of your business.

What are the risks to my customer in the event of a product recall?

There are a variety of risks to consider depending on the type of item your company produces. Rarely, a defective product will result in a catastrophic injury that causes internal injuries or requires amputation. Structural failure, toxicity, choking and lacerations are among the most common risks. Topping the list by almost two to one, compared to the next most common risk, is the concern for fire hazards. Whether a minor irritant or a legitimate threat to the safety of your consumer’s health and property, managing your brand means maintaining consumer confidence during a product recall.

How does iZipline’s NFC-standard SmartTagz system help me in the event of a recall??

During any recall, you will be required to comply with a number of different regulatory agencies depending on the product you manufacture. Keeping consumers informed is at the forefront of all of these agency check lists. SmartTagz allows your company to communicate directly with the public via a reliable NFC tag placed directly onto packaging, or on the product itself. The tag can interface with virtually any mobile device or smart phone. Customers simply tap their mobile device to the product’s tag and a world of relevant information, branding, product safety, and communication between the manufacturer and the consumer opens in the palm of the customer’s hands. This simple-to-use technology puts you in direct contact with your customers to explain which items are being pulled, and why.

Are iZipline’s SmartTagz right for my products?

SmartTagz simplifies the job of managing information so you can handle numerous consumer communications issues from a centralized point. The industry standard NFC protocols used in SmartTagz are based on RFID technology that has been well researched and applied in many different applications, so there’s little in the way of R&D fees to pass on to the consumer. iZipline works with you to create customized integration of all equipment directly into your manufacturing line. Recalls are something you never want to happen, but when they do, you can use SmartTagz to directly manage how and when information reaches consumers.