When Apple patented several NFC product concepts back in October, it was highly anticipated that the iPhone5 would be equipped with NFC technology. Many of us were left wondering why a mobile leader like Apple decided not to lead the way and instead allowed a company like Samsung to pave the way instead.

If you look at Apple’s history of streamlining technology, their decision to “wait” makes perfect sense. Think back to when Xerox created the computer mouse. Apple took the idea, streamlined it, coated the rotating ball in rubber so it would be quiet on a desktop and dropped the price.

Additionally, Apple launched its touchscreen iPhone and iPad years after Microsoft tried to go to market in 2002 with a pen-based Tablet PC.
Apple has a history of redesigning technology to remove the rough edges. Apple consumers always respond to this process.

If history repeats itself, Apple will not be the “first,” but they certainly will be the leader that streamlines and refines the way NFC is used within mobile devices.